beautiful autumn wedding invitations with victoria reilly photography

ohhh, here’s a new invitation suite for you to look at! this is a a beautiful autumn wedding invitation suite that i made for a collab shoot with victoria reilly photography. i like how everything came together, and victoria did such a great job photographing it and making it look soooo beautiful! i like how the name looks on the this suite, and how their names are playful and full of personality. i made this pretty pattern for the envelope liner and the back of the invitation/rsvp cards — it’s so fun to have a nice pattern on the backside.

in the photos up there, you can see my super dirty nib, hehe! i’m an ~artist~, none of my supplies are clean - ain’t that the truth! we shot this suite in the common room in victoria’s building in the pearl district in portland, oregon. her building has beautiful, big windows that let in this gorgeous natural light that we shot in. victoria had set-up a canvas back-drop (she’s a professional photographer, holla!) and i was smitten with the simple, effective set-up. i even bought a photo back-drop assembly set from amazon that i haven’t used yet, eek! i’ll add using my own set-up for a shoot to my summer to-do list. the only thing i’ve done with it is use the sandbags to hold down my table at renengade craft fair, haha. #crafty, right?

beautiful autumn wedding invitations 5

for this suite, i made liners for the outer, inner, and rsvp envelopes. all of the suite pieces had the same pattern printed on the backside. i love how it looks all laid out like this. i tied some burlap string around the pieces, which was a beautiful accent piece to the suite. i love how it looks! i calligraphed each address & name in the same playful style that i wrote out michelle & grant’s name with.

this is such a fun suite for an autumn wedding! it’s playful & full of heart, but not too crazy or colorful. i love it! book this for your wedding, i would love to make this for you!

photography by the wonderful victoria reilly!