workshop: tea bar with jasmine henderson

this was such a fun workshop! this was basically the first intro to modern calligraphy workshop i had ever done, not counting the workshop i did in 2017 with just friends. i held it at tea bar on division in southeast portland and had a lovely time meeting the ladies who came to the class! we had a relaxing morning together learning the basics of calligraphy and honing our new skills with lots of practice.

jasmine henderson (modeling queen of portland, part of hakeem & jasmine) is starting to do her own photography work and came out to take some class pictures. it was so fun to have her!

we had an intimate class size of 5, which is honestly my favorite because i get to spend time with everyone and go over individual problems they might be having with their pen or ink flow. and it’s fun getting to know everyone on a personal level as well! i love coming away from the morning with the feeling that i have made some new friends, and that everybody else has made some new friends as well! it’s a treat for all who attend.

and i love hosting classes at tea bar for many reasons. it is a beautiful space! very minimalist and simple with beautiful design. for me, i find that i can really work freely there and let my creativity run wild. it’s a very encouraging environment. each participant gets their own bubble tea, which i love! you can get whatever kind of drink you want there. most drinks are usually around $7 there, so it’s nice to feel like you have a little freedom to try something you wouldn’t normally get.

if you are interested in coming out for a workshop in the future, you can check out my list of upcoming workshops here - i am doing a few at tea bar this summer! if none of those work, email me to see if we could schedule a private party!