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invites: kristen & mick

this was such a fun invitation suite to design! again, this was using a set of colors that i wouldn't have initially chosen on my own - yet i love how it turned out. nothing like challenging yourself with new limits. i was honored that my good family friend asked me to design her wedding invitations - it's such an honor! her and her fiancé are super outdoors, and actually were in zion camping for a whole week while i worked up this set. a whole week! can you believe it? my backpacking max is two nights, which is actually only one full day in the wild - so yes, wow. i am very impressed with them!

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invites: lisa & aki

my cousins got married this month & i was so honored that they asked me to design their wedding invitations. this actually is the first wedding suite i have ever made! i have made silly little mock-ups for my etsy shop that never sold, and those don't count. this is the first time that i have made a full on suite, and i'm kind of embarrassed that i didn't make an invitation suite earlier because it was SO much fun putting it together and seeing it come alive. i loved it so much and am definitely going to focus on invitation suites in the future.

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